North South East West am 2 pm

This photo journal is about RANDOMNESS. We know that logical, rational thoughts coupled with knowledge, explanations, predictability usually produces the known. Chance, distortions and randomness cultivates discoveries. Using photojournalism techniques, images were shot at random times, during one random 12hr period, at random locations, selecting random subjects creating elements of surprise, and unpredictable discoveries. Images were taken from four perspectives, North, South, East and West. Using each random image from each random location, the four images were merged digitally to create random representations of my day.

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7 photo8 photo9 photo10 photo11 photo12






















About threepeassweet

Three Peas, Charli {p1} Betsy {p2} Lucy {p3} are lovers of all things that are designed with love and skill.

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